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May 01, 2020

I finally decided to start blogging about technology and software development in general. I enjoy turning ideas into useful applications and want to share notes about my encounters with the technologies I’m using.

What’s this all about

I’ve been doing software development (coding, programming, or call it whatever you want) for a little more than a decade already, working mainly with Java and the different flavors of JavaScript. Up until now, I still strike the keyboard with excitement about the different ideas that occasionally pop in my head.

In this blog, I’ll be frequently sharing notes about the different topics I know touching Java and JavaScript.

Why these languages

  1. I am using them right now for my different projects and I love using them - I want to share ideas I confidently know.
  2. These two are still rocking it up there in the top programming languages of 2020. This and this. I don’t believe that they will die out anytime soon.
  3. I mostly get noteworthy moments when working with this bunch.
  4. I want to learn more from sharing about them and by engaging in meaningful conversations.

From time to time, I may occasionally bring up other interesting topics such as cool technologies, relevant news, startup ideas, and business-related themes.


As the number of developers grows every day, I hope this blog provides the help that they need and present the answers they wish to see. Always remember to stay awesome!

Arjay Osma

Notes by Arjay Osma
ENTP with a knack for software development, business and design.